Through the Field, in Late Fall
Through the Field, in Late Fall
  • Lee Dae Heum
  • 승인 2022.11.01 15:59
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LEE Dae-heum was born in Jangheung-gun, Jeollanam-do in 1967, and began his creative work through <Creation and Criticism> in 1994. His poetry collections include “You are from Bukcheon(2018)”, “I’m sad to hear(2010)”, “Fire in the water(2007)”, “A wound saves me(2001)”, and “A whale lives in my tears(1997)”. His novel works include “Chung-aeng(2007)”, and “CHOI Dong-rin, the head of the school at age Thirteen(2018)”, and his research books include “The Literary world study of Poetry(2020)”, “Si1-talk 1(2020)”, “Si-talk 2(2020)”, and “Si-talk 3(2020)”. There are also several essay collections of the poet such as “Memories of Tamjin River: 3,000 won/ bowl(2016)”, “Your name is the only thing that goes away(2007)”, and “People you miss come by train(2000)”. He has received the Cho Tae-il Literary Award, the Yuksa Poetry Literary Award-the Young Poet Award, and the Jeonnam Cultural Award.


The Neolpeongne’s husband, on his way back from selling a pig at the market,

First dropped by an eatery, paid cash to drink two bottles of makgeolli, 
Then paid his tab,
And, while at it, paid for the makgeolli of the Jongjaegi-gol guy next to him.
He then dropped by a seedling store and paid for seedlings he had on credit.
Next, he went to the wallpaper and linoleum shop and paid the amount he owed for the changhoji window-paper as well as wallpaper he’d bought last winter,
Then he settled a long-term tab at the general store that he frequented, near the wallpaper and linoleum shop, 
While also paying cash for a comb for his granddaughter that he could not have bought on credit.
Then, after stopping himself—yikes—from spending a few banknotes to replace his wife’s ragged panties and bras,
He paid off his tab for rice cakes at the mill,
And went to the National Agricultural Coop branch and removed his fertilizer debt.
Then, he headed to the bus terminal to return home, where he met his wife’s uncle, and
Opened his wallet to buy him some fruits, as a gift for his wife’s family.
Then, he pushed his hand into his pocket again to add a couple of soju bottles to it.
He then dropped by a convenience store and emptied his pocket to buy two bottles of soda.
After spending all his money so easily, like dry grass flying away at the fanning of cooking 
Finally, he exchanged his last coins with a single ticket,
And, empty-handed,
Went his way back home, passing through the field in the late fall.

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